Summary Christmas newsletter 2020


this message is a summary of the Christmas newsletter send to all Diplomates and Residents in December 2020.

Dear Residents, Diplomates, colleagues and friends,

In last year`s Christmas Newsletter I informed you that our college will have to face many changes and challenges in 2020. At that time, probably nobody of us could have imagined what was going to happen during the upcoming 12 months and that changes and challenges as mentioned above will nearly ‘disappear’ next to the daily news about COVID-19. When in January & February SARS-CoV-2 started spreading throughout the world, we were forced to make numerous decisions and had to take various actions that severely affected our college business. The first cutback was the cancellation of the ECPHM examination, which was scheduled for March 2020. Thereafter, we turned the Annual General Meeting into a virtual gathering and postponed both, the 12th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management and the Social Event for the ECPHM family. Finally, we had to cancel all physical meetings of the Board and the Committees for the rest of the year 2020.

Although these changes had a huge impact on our college activities, we anticipate it was for the sake of everybody’s health & safety by reducing the risk of acquiring COVID-19 during business travels and meetings. I sincerely hope that neither you nor your family member, friend or colleague has gotten infected and has suffered from the disease. If you or your beloved ones were affected, please accept this note also as a letter of condolence. Despite all the drawbacks due to the pandemic in 2020, several college activities took place resulting in some important developments and achievements. These achievements are the outcome of all your valuable commitment and the time devoted to various college activities.

Please let me take the opportunity to acknowledge this engagement!

In particular, I would like to thank my dear fellow Board members, the Chairs and members of the different committees, editors of our journal, ECPHM residency program supervisors and all speakers during the online pre-conference workshop and e-learning sessions as well as our secretariat.


Please stay tuned and informed by reading our monthly newsletters with various updates and do not hesitate to contact board members for more information if needed. We appreciate every single feedback and your voluntary engagement in the PHM family. Having said all this, I want to close this letter with wishing you and your families a peaceful Christmas, a happy new year and all the best for the future! Stay healthy, take care and be assured that together we will continue successfully managing all upcoming challenges and changes; also in 2021!

Heiko Nathues

President ECPHM

on behalf of the ECPHM Board

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