Porcine Health Management Journal - Call for submissions

Dear Diplomates and Residents,

Year 2016 has represented the consolidation of Porcine Health Management as a reference journal for all of those working on pig health and production. The journal has been growing really well for more than one year and a half now, and has been published already 48 papers, averaging 2-3 papers per month. The papers include case reports, original scientific studies, review papers, etc. and cover the entire spectrum of pig health, welfare and production. We warmly invite all of you to read them as they provide a wealth of information for every person who is professionally active in porcine health management worldwide (https://porcinehealthmanagement.biomedcentral.com/articles).  

At the present time, we are focusing on ensuring consistent monthly publications and aiming to increase citations for the journal by raising article visibility. We would like to encourage you to support the journal by citing articles from Porcine Health Management where appropriate and relevant, and to consider publishing some of your future research in the journal. This is a very important issue for both the College and the Association. Consolidation of the journal demands a continuous flow of paper submissions as well as availability of reviewers for the submitted manuscripts.

We are working hard with the editorial of the journal (BioMed Central) in order to achieve the proper indexing of Porcine Health Management. So far, the journal is indexed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) and we expect inclusion within the PubMed Central by the end of this year 2016. Moreover, in the near future we plan to apply for inclusion in Scopus and to obtain impact factor. Those hallmarks can only be achieved if a constant pipeline of article submissions is guaranteed.

We wish to thank the reviewers among the ECPHM diplomates and EAPHM members, who have helped us so far in the article reviewing process. Finding qualified and willing reviewers is not always an easy task but it is essential to build up and to maintain a good quality journal. Your willingness and cooperation to review submitted manuscripts or to suggest and motivate one of your qualified colleagues is very much appreciated. The quality of the published papers does not only depend on the quality of submitted abstracts, but also on the quality of the review process. We would also like to thank ECPHM and the EAPHM for their continued support of the journal.

We look forward to the coming year and hope you will keep Porcine Health Management in mind for your next publication. We also hope you will continue to support us as the journal grows and develops, by promoting the journal and contributing to the peer review of articles.

Very best regards,

Dominiek Maes & Joaquim Segalés, Editors-in-Chief
Porcine Health Management

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