Please update your profile

Dear Diplomates and Residents,
It is important for the ECPHM to have updated information and contact details on all our members. Our most used communication channel is e-mail, and all e-mails are directed to the address you have listed in your individual profile of our website ( The information here is also used by the EBVS.

We kindly invite all our members to make sure that the information requested in your individual profile pages ("My Profile") of the College website. In this page you will also find a field called "Basic info" in the "Edit" section. Here we would appreciate if you could provide information on country of veterinary qualification, country of current employment (this applies to all), country of internship and country of residency (this only applies to Diplomates by exam and Residents). This information has recently been requested by the EBVS, so please provide this information at your earliest convenience.

Also check that all relevant information is correct, and that your contact details are updated. You are also invited to provide a picture of yourself.

Please contact the Secretary of the ECPHM (secretary[at] ecphm[dot] org) if you should be in need of any assistance.

Thank you very much in advance!

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