Please congratulate our new Diplomates!

Examination Committee

It was my great pleasure to chair the annual examination of the college once again. This time it turned out to be a big effort, since there were 13 candidates admitted to the exam. This was by far the biggest exam in the history of the college. However, thanks to the well-functioning exam committee (doctors van Leengoed, Kauffold, Maes, Martelli, Meemken, Nathues, and Segalés), the examination went very much according to the plan.

As a result, we can now congratulate six new diplomates (as listed) that really deserve their title. They are all very welcome to the college! They put months and months of efforts to prepare for the exam, travel to the exam site and take on the challenge of being examined. Along with them, there were seven other candidates, that were found not quite to be there as yet – however, the examination committee honestly appreciates the efforts of those candidates equally much.

Please congratulate our new Diplomates!

  • Carlos Casanovas (ES)
  • Verena Gotter (DE)
  • Javier Martinez Lobo (ES)
  • Arnaud Lebret (FR)
  • Tatjana Sattler (DE)
  • Friederike Zeeh (CH)

It is not a shame to take on the challenge and not make it at the first attempt – examination is not something that we do on a frequent basis in our every-day professional life. In fact, it may be years since the last challenge of this kind and it may require some fine tuning to get the “engine going”. It is always great to see when candidates, after failing at their first attempt, do a great job coming back and then cruising through the exam with high scores and excellent results in the new exam.

That’s why we really appreciate the feedback we received in writing as well as orally after the exam. We are committed to do a better job next time. Also, we always welcome fresh questions and fresh ideas about how to improve the exam. However, I think the exam is al- ready in a pretty reasonable shape – good basis for years to come! On my own behalf, now exiting the exam committee, I would like to sincerely thank all the members of the exam committee. It has been an honor working with you – a great team makes up an excellent college!

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