News from the EM & AGM and announcements

Dear Diplomates and Residents,
This newsletter serves to communicate directly some important outcomes and news from the Extraordinary and Annual General Meeting, held on Wednesday April 29th via WebEx as well as some additional important news messages.
Extraordinary Meeting outcome
During the Extraordinary Meeting the proposed amendments of the Bylaws of ECPHM have been approved. They will be placed on our website in due time. The amendments ensure that ECPHM bylaws are in line with EBVS P&P and that changes will be enforced into ECPHM procedures now; e.g. training brochure and Diplomate re-evaluation forms. Also, online voting is possible from 2020 onwards.
Election results
Outcome of votings at the AGM:

Secretary-elect: Elena Canelli (IT) has been elected as Secretary-elect for the ECPHM, and will replace the current Secretary, Tijs Tobias (NL), after the next AGM in 2021.

Credentials Committee; Julia Stadler (GE) has been elected as new member of the Credentials Committee.

Education Committee; Manon Houben (NL) has been elected as new member of the Education Committee.

Auditors: Marc Martens and Arie van Nes have stepped forward to be the financial auditors for the fiscal year 2020. Marc Martens will start his 3rd and final term as auditor. Per Wallgren is greatly acknowledged for his work over the last two years.

The Board of the ECPHM congratulates and warmly welcomes all new officers. Their contribution and commitment devoted to the business of the college is very much appreciated!
Research Grant Winner
At the end of the AGM the winner of the Research Grant Award was announced. For the 2020 award the board received two applications. Two independent swine experts, not affiliated to ECPHM, reviewed both proposals. The reviewers’ reports were leading the ECPHM Board, chaired by the Vice-President, to decide that one grant would be awarded. The 2020 Research Grant Award goes to Mirjam Arnold (CH). Congratulations!
Secretary EAPHM
The European Association of Porcine Health Management is looking for a Secretary-elect to replace the current Secretary after their next AGM in 2021. The position of Secretary will no longer be a shared position in both EAPHM and ECPHM. However, ECPHM Diplomates are warmly welcomed to enquire the possibility to be nominated for the position. Please find details concerning the position in the ECPHM download area.
The 2020 exam was cancelled, but the 2021 exam will be held in Athens, Greece, in March 2021. The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible. Deadline for application will, as always, be Dec 1st 2020 at 00:00hr.

The next Annual General Meeting, Deo volente, will be held on April 14th 2021 in Bern, Switzerland at the end of the first day of ESPHM2020+1.
Many thanks to everyone contributing to the liveliness of the College, even in these times of uncertainty. Take care, stay safe and healthy.
Best regards,

Tijs Tobias

Secretary ECPHM

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