News from the Credentials Committee

Credentials Committee

During the last AGM that was held in Edinburgh last May the composition of the Credentials Com- mittee varied slightly. By constitution the President and Vice-president of the College are members of this committee and, accordingly, Joaquim Segalés, who was selected President of the ECPHM at the AGM replaced Dominik Maes in the Credentials Committee and Paolo Martelli who is the current Vice-president became a member of the Credentials Committee replacing Joaquim Segalés, who was already a member of the Committee as former Vice-president. In addition, Elisabeth grosse Beilage decided not to continue and Arie van Nes was selected to replace her. Until now all members of the Credentials Committee have been selected among de facto members of the college.

In the last few months the main activity of the Credentials Committee has been the evaluation of applications of candidates to sit the exam to become Diplomates of the College. A total of 14 candidates applied and 13 of them obtained credentials to sit the exam that was held in Parma last October. This is the first year we had to evaluate the applications of so many candidates and this is good news because it indicates that the college has been very active in the trai- ning of young veterinarians who are interested in obtaining a Diploma of the ECPHM. In addition, this means that becoming a member of the college might be considered a significant contribution to the CV of swine veterinarians in different countries. We hope that this tendency will be maintained in the future and the number of Diplomates by exam will increase in the next years.

Nonetheless, and despite the good news in relation to the number of candidates evaluated to sit the exam, the bad news is that during the last few months the number of applications of candidates to start standard residency programmes evaluated by the Credentials Committee has been slightly lower than usual, with only five candidates applying since the beginning of 2013.

Finally, as you all know, Diplomates have to be reevaluated every five years in order to confirm that they continue actively practicing porcine health management. During the next month we will send remainders to the Diplomates who are to be evaluated this year and will complete the re-evaluations during the first trimester of 2014.

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