It is my perception that the ECPHM is more alive than ever!


It is my perception that the ECPHM is more alive than ever! And certainly, there are many issues that come to my mind when I am saying this:

  • We got the full recognition as a College by the EBVS (April this year), and this is only possible if all areas of our organization are functioning well
  • The existing standard and alternative residencies includes nowadays 42 enthusiastic ECPHM residents all over Europe; these young professionals represent the future of the College and our profession, not only in Europe but also worldwide
  • Organization of resident workshops is in the process of consolidation (we organized in 2013 the second one) and the first summer school of the College took place just few months ago; I must remind that continuous education is one of the most important task of the College
  • Last October we organized the 6th exam of the ECPHM, with 13 candidates, more than ever! Certainly it was a big challenge for the Exam Committee and a great organizational success
  • The last ESPHM held in Edinburgh was, again, a tremendously successful event, with more than 1000 participants, and a good sign of consolidation of the Symposium in the international scenario 

And the list would probably last for much longer, since there are many people “behind the scenes” to ensure that all these tasks are properly done.

Since I became president of our College just few months ago, I do not want to continue without thanking all of you and all current and past members of the board and the different committees for the contributions. However, let me express a special appreciation to some particular people. First, Dominiek (Maes)! He has served as ECPHM president during last 3 years, and he has done an outstanding job in consolidating all areas and committees of the College; Dominiek, although you continue within the Board as past-president, it is time to thank you for your continuous and tireless efforts. Second, Olli (Peltoniemi)! I personally had the pleasure to chair the Exam Committee for three years before, but my bit to help has been expanded, improved and strengthen by Olli. Third, Elisabeth (grosse Beilage)! Treasurer is always a hard task and she did an incredible, outstanding job. Fourth, Tomek (Stadejek), our diligent secretary for the last three years! Last, but not least, Catherine (Bélloc) and Filip (Boyen) for their invaluable help within the board and the exam committee, respectively, and Tom Meyns and Steve McOrist to serve as auditors. To all of them, many, many thanks!!!

Of course, these appreciations must be coupled with a warm welcome for Paolo (Martelli) as the new vice-president of the College, Heiko (Nathues) as the new secretary, not only for the College but also for the EAPHM, Mari (Heinonen) as the new treasurer, Carlos (Piñeiro) as new board member, Arie (van Nes) as a new credentials committee member and Diana (Meemken) and Hannes (Kauffold) as new exam committee members.

Importantly, the relationship of the ECPHM with the EAPHM is excellent, and I would like to thank Peter (Hogedal) as past- president and Enric (Marco) as the new president of the Association. Plenty of exciting issues are and will be tackled together!

More detailed information on all ECPHM issues is provided in this Newsletter. I hope you will enjoy reading it! Our next ESPHM will be in Sorrento next May, an excellent scenario where to join together again. In turn, let me wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014. Surely it will be a new exciting year for the College!

Very best regards,
Joaquim Segalés 

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