Information from the EBVS

Information from the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS)

Download your certificate to be called "European Veterinary SpecialistTM in Porcine Health Management"

Dear Diplomates,

All Diplomates were sent a welcome email to all the registered email addresses when the system was launched (, with a link for them to set your password. This is also sent to each new Diplomate.                                                     

If you have forgotten your password (or not set it) you can choose the “forgot password” link on the login page. You will need to know their registered email address.
If you do not know your email address which EBVS have on file, then you must contact the ECPHM College Administrator (secretary[at] ecphm[dot] org).

First, a specialist must login using the link at the bottom left-hand corner of the site, by using his/her e-mail address and password.
Then, on his/her Member Dashboard s/he will have to click “Download Your Certificate” and your own certificate will be available for printing. Please contact the ECPHM Secretary if you encounter any difficulties.

Common Training Framework

Dear Diplomates,

Among the topics discussed during the EBVS AGM last April was the importance and benefits of a Common Training Framework (CTF) for European Veterinary Specialists. It was decided a letter to be sent to all College representatives outlining the initiative so that they could share it with their Board. It was felt that in this way college Diplomates could better understand the need for any proposed changes to Colleges’ Constitution and Bylaws.

Below you will find a summary of the potential benefits of a CTF that I hope will be of use:
The legal framework for recognition of professional qualifications is composed two Directives, 2005/36/EC and 2013/55/EU. Thanks to the latter Directive and the availability of the CTF mechanism for recognition of EBVS-recognised specialist training across like-minded Member States, for the first time we have the opportunity to obtain official recognition of Veterinary Specialist standards and qualifications across Europe. Indeed, a CTF for Veterinary Specialists would guarantee a common set of minimum knowledge, skills and competences necessary for the practice of veterinary specialisation across the EU.

The benefits of the CTF include but are not limited to the following:

·      Specialists can move freely in participating countries.
·      Specialist title can be used without restrictions, and 
·      A CTF would:

-benchmark standards for veterinary specialist education;
-confirm specialists as working at professional doctorate level in line with the European Qualifications Framework;
-offer legal recognition for the distinctiveness of the veterinary specialist skillset to contribute to and improve animal and public health and well being;
-offer increased credibility, clarity, and reassurance to the veterinary profession and public.

For the approval of the Common Training Framework it is necessary that at least one third of the EU Member States regulate/recognise veterinary specialisation. Once approved the CTF will become the established system for others to join.
On a more recent note, several British Diplomates have expressed concern over what the Brexit will mean for the EBVS recognised specialists in the UK and have asked for the opinion of the EBVS. Of course nobody knows what is going to happen, and it seems that it will take quite a long time until the conditions of separation from the EU are known. Therefore, it is too early to express any opinion on this. Concerns have also been raised about the CTF initiative. However, in this regard there is no problem despite the fact that UK is a recognising country. The required number of MS is one third, which now is 10 (28/3), but with 27 this number becomes 9 (27/3). Moreover, most probably UK will not be out of the EU before we submit our application.
(Dispatch received from the EBVS 13th July 2016)

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