ECPHM Research Grants

Dear Diplomates and Residents,

The Board of the ECPHM is pleased to announce the annual availability of one to two ECPHM research grants of 15,000 Euro each for Residents.

The research grant shall enable Residents to carry out a specific research project as outlined in their training program. Since this is a competitive funding scheme, successful applicants also must provide evidence for their capability of writing grant applications and acquiring external funding for research activities. The project has to start and finish within the period of the residency. The ECPHM expects those Residents supported by a research grant to present their findings during one of the European Symposiums on Porcine Health Management and/or to publish the results in the Porcine Health Management journal

The application for the grant of 2021 is now open and the deadline is February 28th 2021.

More information and details regarding submission can be found in the download area.


Kind regards, on behalf of the board of the ECPHM,

Tijs Tobias

Secretary ECPHM

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