Junior Clinical Training Scholarship (Internship)

Junior Clinical Training Scholarship (Internship)

The University of Cambridge and BQP
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Junior Clinical Training Scholarship (Internship)

Pig Health Management

1 October 2019

The Junior Clinical Training Scholarship in pig health management provides an opportunity for new or recently qualified veterinary graduates to obtain post-graduate training in this specialty in preparation for Senior Clinical Training Scholarship programmes (residencies), or for work in specialist farm animal practice.  The program is jointly managed by The University of Cambridge and BQP, a trading division of Tulip Limited (“Tulip”), a growing organisation based in Stradbroke, Suffolk, with over 65,000 breeding sows, taking progeny through to slaughter with down stream processing managed by Tulip.  

The programme includes practical clinical experience in all aspects of pig health and production, preventive herd health management programs, experience in teaching clinical students and the opportunity for involvement in research.

For informal enquiries about the scholarship programme, please contact Natalie Wills on nw366[at] cam[dot] ac[dot] uk

An application form (JCTS1) and information pack is available here http://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/21862/

Please send a completed application form, curriculum vitae, and covering letter all three documents as one by email to vetmed[at] hermes[dot] cam[dot] ac[dot] uk


Closing date: 2 July 2019

Interview date: 23 July 2019


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