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Posted by Heiko Nathues

The European College of Porcine Health Management offered six Young Person’s Bursaries to presenting authors of accepted abstracts of the 6th ESPHM. The application was open for young pig veterinarians (scientists, practitioners, etc. <35 years old) being citizens of any European country.

Finally, after careful review of all applications by the organizers of the ESPHM, the Young Person’s Bursaries of 800 EUR each were given to the following people:


Posted by Heiko Nathues

During the Annual General Meeting 2014 in Sorrento the plenum of Diplomates of the ECPHM had been asked to elect two new members for the Education Committee and one new member for the Credentials Committee. Voting cards have been reviewed and counted by two Diplomates of the college and results have been reported to the Board of the ECPHM.

The two new members of the Education Committee are:

Elisabeth grosse Beilage – Germany

Ken Steen Pedersen – Denmark

The new member of the Credential Committee is:

Education Committee
Posted by Heiko Nathues

Monthly case report will be published in the member area of

In 2013, the ECPHM Board has unanimously decided that the 3rd year residents have to prepare a clinical case to be published in the EAPHM website. This "exercise" for our residents is compulsory. It is expected that from the 1st of January 2014 onward every month one clinical case will be published.

Posted by Joaquim Segales

It is my perception that the ECPHM is more alive than ever! And certainly, there are many issues that come to my mind when I am saying this:

  • We got the full recognition as a College by the EBVS (April this year), and this is only possible if all areas of our organization are functioning well
  • The existing standard and alternative residencies includes nowadays 42 enthusiastic ECPHM residents all over Europe; these young professionals represent the future of the College and our profession, not only in Europe but also worldwide
  • Organization of resident workshops is in the process of consolidation (we organized in 2013 the second one) and the first summer school of the College took place just few months ago; I must remind that continuous education is one of the most important task of the College
  • Last October we organized the 6th exam of the ECPHM, with 13 candidates, more than ever! Certainly it was a big challenge for the Exam Committee and a great organizational success
  • The last ESPHM held in Edinburgh was, again, a tremendously successful event, with more than 1000 participants, and a good sign of consolidation of the Symposium in the international scenario 

And the list would probably last for much longer, since there are many people “behind the scenes” to ensure that all these tasks are properly done.

Credentials Committee
Posted by Cinta Prieto

During the last AGM that was held in Edinburgh last May the composition of the Credentials Com- mittee varied slightly. By constitution the President and Vice-president of the College are members of this committee and, accordingly, Joaquim Segalés, who was selected President of the ECPHM at the AGM replaced Dominik Maes in the Credentials Committee and Paolo Martelli who is the current Vice-president became a member of the Credentials Committee replacing Joaquim Segalés, who was already a member of the Committee as former Vice-president.

Education Committee
Posted by Paolo Martelli

The current members of the Education Committee are Joaquim Segalés, Jens Peter Nielsen, Tore Framstad, Martine Laitat and Paolo Martelli (resigning Chair). Dominiek Maes, Past-President of the ECPHM, has left his position in the Committee to be replaced by election during the next AGM.

Examination Committee
Posted by Olli Peltoniemi

It was my great pleasure to chair the annual examination of the college once again. This time it turned out to be a big effort, since there were 13 candidates admitted to the exam. This was by far the biggest exam in the history of the college. However, thanks to the well-functioning exam committee (doctors van Leengoed, Kauffold, Maes, Martelli, Meemken, Nathues, and Segalés), the examination went very much according to the plan.


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