How to become a Diplomate?

Requirements to become a Diplomate

  1. Be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the countries of the EU, and obtained veterinary education from an EAEVE approved establishment, unless relieved of this obligations by the Board..
  2. Have a good moral and ethical standing in the profession.
  3. Practise the specialty of porcine health management for not less than 60 per cent of your professional time (practising, research, teaching, consulting).
  4. Complete of an approved postgraduate period of at least four years, dedicated to training in porcine health management or to be recognised as having been for at least 5 years outstanding in the field of porcine health management.
  5. Be the first author of two original porcine health management papers in an international peer-reviewed journals and three case reports.
  6. Successfully pass the certifying examination procedure of the ECPHM.

If you are interested in starting a postgraduate training, please, carefully study the Bylaws and the Training Brochure  of the ECPHM, fill the form for the Credential Committee and contact the Education Committee for further information.

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