Facts about the ECPHM

  • Specialist title: European Veterinary Specialist in Porcine Health Management
  • Year of founding: 2004
  • Year of full recognition by EBVS: 2013
  • Number of Diplomates (JAN 2014): 151
  • Number of practising Diplomates (JAN 2014): 143


The College is a non-profit organisation and does not pursue commercial interests. The finances of the College may only be spent in accordance with the constitution. Members or officers of the College shall receive no payment from the funds of the College, except reimbursement of expenses.

The primary objective of the College shall be to advance health oriented porcine production management in the herd context in Europe and increase the competency of those who practice in this field by:

  1. Establishing guidelines and standards of training for postgraduate education and experience prerequisite to become a specialist in the speciality of porcine health management.
  2. Examining and authenticating veterinarians as specialists in porcine herd health management to serve health and welfare of the animals, the economic outcome of the herd, the production of safe quality products for consumers in a sustainable animal production by providing expert care for pigs.
  3. Encouraging research and other contributions to the science and practice of porcine herd health management including husbandry, reproductive management at herd level, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, prevention, and control of diseases directly or indirectly affecting pigs and the maintenance of healthy and productive pig herds. Porcine health management also includes the impact on quality and safety of pork products and gives special consideration to herd health and production, production systems and targets and the management of pig populations.
  4. Promoting communication and dissemination of knowledge related to item 3. above.
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